Les Mills Live 2017 + Filming: ticket is been started!

Published by: Bas (bas@body-combat.nl) | 17 july 2017.Ā 


Since july 5th you can purchase an ticket for the one and only Les Mills Live 2017 event in the Netherlands, and what’s special is that the filming will be held in the Netherlands, Amsterdam at the Westergasfabriek!

It’s gonna be amazing, epic, awesome and once in a lifetime experience! The theme for this year is: MADE IN HOLLAND šŸ‡³šŸ‡±šŸ‡³šŸ‡±šŸ¦.

Get your tickets now at: www.lesmillslive.nl!

We’ve set the program schedule for you online, so you can figure out which program you want to follow. At the website of Les Mills Live you can register yourself and purchase an ticket! So get it now! šŸ˜€

New updates for mid june 2017 (updated)

Published by: Bas (bas@body-combat.nl) | Date: 16 june 2017.

Change it up!

Yes, the new background images are online now! They are great and powerful! We liked them very much. The new slogan for FW17 is “Change it up!”. So, we are very proud that we can come along to make more positive promotion for the new programs.

New updates for mid june 2017, officially online.

We’ve updated first our main webpage, www.body-combat.nl and then www.body-combat.eu. We’ve update some of the pages. Below you can see what we’ve changed;

  • A new slider for BODYCOMBAT 72 Tracklist and the new tracklist for Release 72 (june/july quaterley).
  • A new slider for the upcoming new FW17 Reebok x Les Mills collection: around july we’re gonna update this slider to Real. At this moment it’s now on announcement.
  • New background images on the website are now online; today!
  • New promotional movies for june/july from Les Mills Trailer and BODYCOMBAT72 Trailer: onlineĀ  and at the right sidebar on the homepage

Upcoming updates: july

  • Les Mills Live 2017 Amsterdam “The Filming”: At this moment we’re planning to give more information about the filming that will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: so that would be mid-july.
  • New slider for FW17 collection from Reebok x Les Mills

If you have questions or other inquiries, please feel free to contact us! You can find our e-mailadresses here!


Les Mills Live 2017 “The Filming”: Pre-register platform is been CLOSED!

Published by: Bas (bas@body-combat.nl) | Date: 16 june 2017.

Note: Since yesterday (15-5-2017) until 00:00 you had the time to subscribe yourself for the newsletter and before the regular ticket sales for Les Mills Live 2017: The Filming in Amsterdam later this year. For those who have not yet subscribed as of July 5, 2017, ticket sales start for this amazing epic event!

Keep an eye on the following websites (and also your mailbox for the people who are registered):

1) www.lesmillslive.nl
2) www.lesmillsfilming.nl
3) www.facebook.com/LesMillsNetherlandsBelgium

New huge updates now (and that coming up mid june)

Published by: Bas (bas@body-combat.nl) | Date: 6th of june 2017.


It’s been awhile that we update this website with new things and we have new updates for you right now and new updates that will be pushed mid june 2017 this month! šŸ™‚


And oh yes, it’s almost july so the official ticket sale for Les Mills Live 2017: The Filming Amsterdam at the Westergasfabriek is about to start! Please stay tuned on all social media website from Les Mills Netherlands / Belgium!


At first, BODY-COMBAT.EU is finally secured and onholds the law and from the browser standards: we have finally an SSL certificate. Security is importantĀ  for our users/visitors.

CHANGE IT UP: (soon)

Yes, “Change it up” will be the new slogan for both BODYCOMBAT fanatic websites that will pushed through this month. With new promotion material we can lift this website (and the Dutch version) to an higher promote website for Les Mills and Les Mills BODYCOMBAT (don’t forget the amazing partners: Reebok and Polar šŸ˜‰ ).

What can you see this month?

# New slider for BODYCOMBAT 72 tracklist: mid june 2017
# New slider for Les Mills Live: The filming (AMSTERDAM, WESTERGASFABRIEK): Now online, fourth slider image, so check it ;-).
# New background “Change it up” promotions: mid june 2017
# New promotional movies from Les Mills “Change it up – full trailer” and Les Mills BODYCOMBAT (will be hosted on our Vimeo account): mid june 2017
# New slider for new clothing line from Les Mills x Reebok: Fall/winter 2017: mid june 2017
# More promotion for Les Mills Live 2017 “The Filming” in Amsterdam at the Westergasfabriek: mid august/september 2017


#Mygreatness : Dan & Rach



Les Mills Filming 2017 | Trailer

Les Mills Netherlands: “We start the year with great news! Les Mills International is on Friday 6 and Saturday, October 7th, 2017 include the filming of the program releases for Q2 / 2018 in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam! It is an incredible honor Les Mills International has chosen our small country as the venue for this unique global experience.”

Pre-register now: http://www.lesmillsfilming.nl

Source: Les Mills Netherlands / YouTube account: Les Mills Netherlands YouTube

New updates online!

Published by: Bas | BODY-COMBAT.NL | 23rd of december 2016

The end of 2016 is near.

If we look back, 2016Ā has been an awesome year, with amazing Les Mills events all over the world.

2017 will be another great year, so stay tuned (Les Mills agents, Facebook and Instagram).

Save the date: 14 january 2017. BODYPUMP 100 will be launched all over the world. The new BODYPUMP100 clothing gear is now for sale, order your BP100 gear at: www.reebok.com!

We have new updates for you:

  • New tracklist of BODYCOMBAT70: now online
  • New sliders BODYCOMBAT70 Tracklist and Les Mills x Reebok: online! The description of the BODYPUMP 100 clothing is available on the Les Mills x Reebok Clothing slider.
  • SOON Ā IN JANUARY 2017: new promotional videos of Les Mills Full Trailer and BODYCOMBAT 70 Trailer
  • SOON IN JANUARY 2017: new background images of SS17 of BODYCOMBAT
  • SOON IN JANUARY 2017: BODYCOMBAT70 Filming Pictures

If you have inquiries, ideas, suggestions or other comments, don’t hesitate to contact us!

On behalf of the BODY-COMBAT.EU/BODY-COMBAT.NL admin team, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Amazing New Year with your families and loved ones!!

Note: If you contact us from the 23rd of December 2016Ā until theĀ 2nd of january 2017 inclusive, we may not be around butĀ willĀ try our best to reply as soon as possible.


Published by: Bas [NLD] | Date: September 15, 2016.



Buy your ticket at: www.lesmillslive.nl/en/ and join this amazing fitness indoor festival on the 15th of october 2016 atĀ the Ziggo Dome with thousands of Les Mills Tribe people, all in one building!

But first the upcoming Les Mills Live 2016 Events:

17th September – Les Mills Live Madrid. With Rachael Newsham and Dan Cohen and the Les Mills National trainer team of Spain/Portugal.
25th September – Les Mills Live Paris
30th September – Les Mills Live Dubai
1st October – Les Mills Live Manchester

New update: BODYCOMBAT 69 Tracklist

Published by: Bas [NLD] | Date: Friday 9 september 2016

We have aĀ new update for you. The new tracklist of BODYCOMBAT 69 is now on our website! BODYCOMBAT 69Ā is due to be released at the end of September / beginning of October! I haveĀ seen the new release duringĀ quarterlies, in Zwolle [NLD]. And I can tell you that it is an awesome release.

As you can see (below, see my previous post) we have uploaded some new videos from Les Mills Brand Central, like the new Release 69 promotional material for September 2016.

It’s uncertain when we can publishĀ the official BODYCOMBAT 69 filming pictures on our website. At this moment, date is stillĀ to be confirmed. We will keep up updated.

Are you planning to go to the Netherlands in Autumn? Well, we have some great news, why not join us at the Les Mills Live 2016 Amsterdam Ziggo Dome on the 15th of October? More information: www.lesmillslive.nl/en/
Official Trailer | LES MILLS LIVE 2016 ZIGGO DOME, AMSTERDAM – 15th OF OCTOBER 2016

New Tracklist online and Filming Pictures

Posted: Bas | Date: June 27, 2016

Kia Kaha,

We’ve got some updates for you. The BODYCOMBAT (EU/INT) website layout has turned blue to be in tune with the latestĀ BODYCOMBAT clothing.

TheĀ latest tracklist of BODYCOMBAT (68) is online and also we’ve uploaded some awesome pictures of the BODYCOMBAT 68 masterclass filming. You can see the pictures here.

What are the next updates?

  • Re-design Reebok x Les Mills Clothing Campaign ->Ā When theĀ new gear is available to purchase on the Reebok website, we will notify you: SOON.
  • BODYCOMBAT 69 Filming: to be announced
  • BODYCOMBAT 69 Tracklist: to be announced

If you have questions or other enquiries, please contact us.

New team member for BODY-COMBAT.EU

Posted by: Bas | Date: May 23 2016

And then there were three.

Marie-Claire and I would likeĀ to welcome a new team member for BODY-COMBAT.EU –Ā Jansku!

JanskuĀ will beĀ co-webmaster for BODYCOMBAT (EU/INT) – www.body-combat.eu.,Ā along with Marie-Claire. Our team is getting stronger.

Soon there will be more information about Jansku on this page. You canĀ contact Jansku at this e-mail address: jansku@body-combat.nl

New Feature: Filming Pictures

Posted by: Bas | Date: May 19 2016

BODY-COMBAT.EU has a new feature, it’s called Filming Pictures or Filming Flash. We are planning on regularly uploading unique photos of recent BODYCOMBAT releases. How awesome is this!?

You can navigate to that page under Resources in the dropdown menu. You can also access it directly by clicking here.

This is our schedule for the upcoming Filming Pictures:

  • BODYCOMBAT 67 Filming live at Stockholm during ONELIVE 2015 tour in Sweden. Now online!
  • BODYCOMBAT 68 Filming at Les Mills Auckland City: 18th of june 2016 on the website. Online soon!
  • BODYCOMBAT 69 Filming at Les Mills Auckland City: to be announced.

Kia Kaha; We’re back!

BC-BackgroundBODY-COMBAT.EU is back, and it is better than before. After almost one week under maintenance mode, we’re back. We needed to update this website with new content as well as update a few pages.

We’ve set-up new promotional material online, as you can see.Ā This isĀ pretty awesome, right!? We are very proud and happy to have been allowed to use official logos and material of BODYCOMBAT and Les Mills and that’s why I would like to thank HDD Group Netherlands (Dutch Les Mills agency) for giving us permission to use material from the new portal, Les Mills Brand Central. Of course we have some internal ground rules for what we can or cannot use. We are working step by stepĀ to make this website (BODY-COMBAT.EU) and BODY-COMBAT.NL even better. BODY-COMBAT.EU is an official fanpage for European and international fans. BODY-COMBAT.NL is an official fanpage within the Netherlands and Belgium.

I, Bas, would like to give a warm welcome to Marie-Claire, who will be helping me out with BODY-COMBAT.EU. She’s going to update some posts and other pages. Marie-Claire is theĀ latest member and administratorĀ of BODY-COMBAT.EU, because she is a big fan of Les Mills and in particular of BODYCOMBAT. She is alsoĀ the founderĀ of the Facebook group: Les Mills Fanatics*clickable*. I’m very happy and grateful that Marie-ClaireĀ has agreedĀ to help me out. You can always send her an e-mail if you have questions or other enquiries.


If you have some advice, tips or suggestions to make our website, BODY-COMBAT.EU,Ā even better orĀ if you have some feedback, please feel free to contact*clickable* one of us and we’ll take it from there.


We wish you a good time on BODY-COMBAT.EU!

Reebok Les Mills logo Colour (white bkgd)