New updates for mid june 2017 (updated)

Published by: Bas ( | Date: 16 june 2017.

Change it up!

Yes, the new background images are online now! They are great and powerful! We liked them very much. The new slogan for FW17 is “Change it up!”. So, we are very proud that we can come along to make more positive promotion for the new programs.

New updates for mid june 2017, officially online.

We’ve updated first our main webpage, and then We’ve update some of the pages. Below you can see what we’ve changed;

  • A new slider for BODYCOMBAT 72 Tracklist and the new tracklist for Release 72 (june/july quaterley).
  • A new slider for the upcoming new FW17 Reebok x Les Mills collection: around july we’re gonna update this slider to Real. At this moment it’s now on announcement.
  • New background images on the website are now online; today!
  • New promotional movies for june/july from Les Mills Trailer and BODYCOMBAT72 Trailer: online  and at the right sidebar on the homepage

Upcoming updates: july

  • Les Mills Live 2017 Amsterdam “The Filming”: At this moment we’re planning to give more information about the filming that will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: so that would be mid-july.
  • New slider for FW17 collection from Reebok x Les Mills

If you have questions or other inquiries, please feel free to contact us! You can find our e-mailadresses here!