December updates is coming up!

Yes, we had very busy in our daily work and private lives, but we are still here and we try to do our best to update this global version.

About few weeks from now on you can see new updates for month december, the new quaterley. The most of the quaterlies are done, so in a few weeks will be the Les Mills classes launched at your gym (see for schedule details in your own gym), like BODYCOMBAT 74!

What you can see on the website?

  • New tracklist of BODYCOMBAT 74
  • New sizzler of BODYCOMBAT 74
  • Photos to Reebok x  Les Mills Live (+ the filming) 2017 event (external links)
  • New data for Reebok x Les Mills Live in the US (dates)

If you miss something on the website? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to hear from you!  😀