September 2018: New updates (BODYCOMBAT Release 77 Tracklist and more!)


BODY-COMBAT.EU has received some updates on the website, for the new quarter: Q3! Here and there tracklists have already been made public, like at (LMI), but not yet at Les Mills Netherlands and in other countries as well. We can wait to put this on, only this has little meaning because it is already online at the official channels.

Soon the new releases of Les Mills will be launched in your gym, so keep an eye on the agenda of your gym.

What we can say is that BODYCOMBAT 77 is a fun, cool, great release with beautiful challenging choreography, and also a recurring moves in this release.

Music from BODYCOMBAT 77 is fun and cool. The Tracklist of BODYCOMBAT 77 can be found here.

On the website there are also new sizzlers from Les Mills and BODYCOMBAT. You can view this here. Here and there are also new promotional images for quarter 3 on the new website.

So check it out! 🙂

First edition: Aprés Ski and sports

It is still nice weather outside and we do not think about the winter yet. What do you think of this combination: Aprés Ski and Sport? Can this work together? Yes, you know! What are we talking about? RIGHT! Les Mills & amp; Aprés Ski Trip 2019 (first edition)! See here soon for more information!

It’s back: MegaQuaterley 2018

Have you already won a ticket for the legendary Les Mills Megakwartaal 2018, scheduled for 26 and 27 October? If you do not have a ticket yet, go to (fanatics are welcome too !) and quickly sign up for your favorite workouts from Les Mills. And follow free (as add-ons) workshops! The legendary party is Saturday on Sunday from 21: 00h to 02: 00h.

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