Packed with updates for Q4 / 19 message. (Read more)

We are counting down the days of 2019, and the new year is approaching. This will be our last message from 2019. We have the most important, coolest, nicest update for you this time and therefore also the most extensive.

We list the update overview:

* Photo albums from Les Mills Mega Quarter 2019 by Marie-Claire Photography and Ali Gator Photography are on it. View the photo albums here.
* BODYCOMBAT 82 Tracklist is now online.
* BODYCOMBAT 82 and Les Mills Full Trailer are online. Check it out!
* New promotional material images have been added here and there.
* BODYCOMBAT: Invincible page is online. New campaign for BODY COMBAT. This will be a separate webpage together with What is BODYCOMBAT.
* BODYCOMBAT logo is renewed (without Reebok x Les Mills logo incorporated. Reebok x Les Mills logo can be found on About us: Les Mills group lessons

Shortened winter break: We will not be present via email from December 22 to December 27, 2019. After this date we will answer incoming messages.

On behalf of the team of and we wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous, happy and healthy 2020!

Merry Christmas - Les Mills