BODYCOMBAT 83 Tracklist, sizzlers and many more (read further)


Due to Covid-19 virus, normal life that we know comes to a halt and it has become very different for many people and also in the sports world. Many gym clubs are closed until further notice to prevent further spread of Covid-19. Very annoying for local entrepreneurs (freelancers) in the sports industry, group instructors and participants.

We wish the local entrepreneurs in the sports industry a lot of strength.

Fortunately, there are several solutions to keep moving:

> Some gym clubs offer online training for the home (so-called newsletters, etc etc);
? Les Mills has sent their own link to licensed clubs regarding the LMOD, or Les Mills On Demand for their participants and instructors. They can use LMOD for a huge discount. Check with your gym for more information!
> Les Mills has made 19 workouts with royalty free music. Contact your gymclub or an Les Mills local agency for information.

It´s important to keep moving and excercising in these difficult times.


[SOON] BODY-COMBAT.EU – dark mode function

We continue to improve the official fan website for our visitors. Soon it is possible to enable dark mode in the evenings, so that you are not blinded by the white background of the website.

We will update this page when the dark mode is online. We are busing.

New track list and new trailers

Our website contains the new tracklist and trailers of BODYCOMBAT and Les Mills. Check it out! There is also a song back in this release and a movement is back in track 7.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a bit through Covid-19 before we can participate in BODYCOMBAT 83.

Reebok / Les Mills: Spring / Summer 2020 collection

Since January 1, 2020 it is possible to buy your own Reebok x Les Mills clothing from Spring / Summer collection 2020. Check here for more information.

Small History – the administrators of this site.

Bas founded this website in early 2006 (3.5 years after he started Les Mills). He wanted to create a special fan website for his favorite sport. Thanks to Les Mills Netherlands, he was allowed to use official promotional material since March 2006. Bas is assisted by another BODYCOMBAT fan he knows. Read more here and discover how the website came about.


Do you have what it takes to be a group lesson instructor / instructor? Ask your GFM or go as a freelancer. The latter is better to contact the local office in your own country.

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