.Planned: New design

Kia Kaha,

Interesting and fun news for our visitor. After having had this design format for 2 years, it is time for an improvement in design.

Bas (owner and technical webmaster of www.body-combat.nl and www.body-combat.eu – the official fan websites) will make a new design in the summer of 2020.

He sees that a number of improvements can be made and provides some insight information:

  • The focus remains on news items on the homepage
  • The focus remains on gathering and releasing information (if officially confirmed)
  • A positive, good way of promoting Les Mills, Les Mills BODYCOMBAT and its partners
  • Product information and content remain the same
  • Better responsive design

When will Bas start?

The websites will be underconstruction from mid-July.

Tips & Tops

If you have any tips, points for improvement or suggestions that we could use on the website, you can pass them on via our contact form!