Official / Update: dates for re-design website to fan websites (Read more)

This post has been updated on: Thursday, July 23 2020

Dear visitor,

We would like to announce that we have a date to start working on a new design for and

We will start working on the dates below and the websites will also only be underconstruction.

  • BODY-COMBAT.NLJuly 11 to July 24 10:10AM, 2020 (updated)
  • BODY-COMBAT.EUJuly 24 (6PM) to July 29, 2020 (completion subject to change)

What exactly is going to happen?

  • Fast loading time & improved optimization
  • Better responsive
  • More improved clear mega menu categories and improved layout on the web pages
  • Overview & clarity
  • And much more under the hood.

What will remain online during underconstruction?

The following items will remain online on the homepage.

  • BODYCOMBAT 84 Tracklist
  • BODYCOMBAT & Les Mills Q2-2020 Trailer

Do you have ideas, tips or suggestions, please contact us.