We are back online!

Kia Kaha,

Our website is completely online again. Plus, vastly updated and improved.

Last Friday, July 24, 8:00 pm, our website went on ‘Coming Soon‘ and we immediately started to create a new design and create an improved overview and fast loading time and optimization for our visitors.
The new build process on the website took several days, so we went online on July 31 instead of September 1, 2020.

What has happened to the website in recent days?
Below you will find a short explanation:

  • Tracklists: All BODYCOMBAT tracklists are complete and are now yearly. On a site map Tracklists-Page you can see which releases are in this year. Under Tracklists there is also a dropdown mega menu with years. BODYCOMBAT 84 (Q220) is online as usual.
  • Instructors: All external links will be sent to the website of Les Mills GLOBAL (External links will be opened in a new tab). You can also visit the site map of Instructors and also Instructors offers a drop down menu with mega menu.
  • Fanatics: This is a normal dropdown menu with internal links to events for so-called LM Fans. With internal and external links (external links to the website of lesmills.com)
  • Workout: Here you will find all information about the BODYCOMBAT workout “Learn the movements” and “Getting Started” and “Benefits & Knowledge”. Workout-Page has an overview / site map page. And also has a dropdown menu and conveniently categorized by mega-menu. You will also find a recent track list and trailers here.
  • Program Directors: This is a regular webpage. All images are placed out of appreciation and respect.
  • Footers: At the bottom you will find quick links to various web pages of BODY-COMBAT.EU and Les Mills and with other internal and external links.
  • News & Blog: Here the latest news items are posted quarterly or in between. On the homepage you will find the most recent messages (top left) or at the very bottom of the page. The News & Blog are no longer on the homepage.
  • The Homepage: Provides various Quick Links & Overview Information which can be found. We will refresh the homepage regularly.
  • Left sidebar: The most recent tracklist image will be there and the image is clickable and we also regularly update the Reebok x Les Mills Collection image there. We also have an international globe with flags and the image is clickable and you will end up on our Dutch/Belgium version of BODY-COMBAT.EU; www.body-combat.nl.
  • Breadcrumbs: At the top of the website you will see a path, this is called breadcrumbs, in other words breadcrumbs. This way you can easily go back to the previous web page where you were before.


  • The website loads faster and has as little CSS as possible and is 96.3% gzipped. This is a great relief and improvement compared to our old designs.
  • The website is built in a Page Builder and has been applied to different pages (and other web pages will also be converted in the future).
  • The website has an improved responsive design and framework.
  • We will continue to develop the website in the background and test for: speed, optimization and improvement.

We are very satisfied with and about this framework. And about the result.

Our next United update is coming

Our next update is waiting for mid / late August 2020. We have plenty of updates and news ready for you again.

Tips & Tops

Do you have tips and tops for our website? Then you can feel free to ask them via the contact form on the contact page.