April 2021 Update: New Music Tracklist, Trailers an go on!


In this update to the website, we do not want to start substantively about the pandemic and lockdowns. Yet we see many sports entrepreneurs at gyms doing their best to keep and get their athletes to exercise and exercise.

Do you need help? Do not hesitate to contact your club to get support and perhaps training that you can do outside! Exercise is good and healthy – it keeps you fit and healthy.

We, from the fan page, will continue to pick up the coming months to update the fan pages every quarter and ‘mid-quarter’. In this April Update 2021 we have processed a lot of updates.

April Update 2021

We have already listened to the new music from BODYCOMBAT 86; delicious, good music. We are therefore curious about the entire release with the choreography. For now we have to make do with livestream group lessons, but this should not spoil the fun (although it is much more fun live 😉)

  • BODYCOMBAT Release 86 Tracklist is online.
  • BODYCOMBAT 86 and Les Mills Trailer is online.
  • Here and there new images of the new quarter (from Les Mills Brandcentral).
  • Number of web pages updated.

Next update

Mid: June 2021 – BODYCOMBAT 86 Track List (Q2-2021), Les Mills Hero Trailer and new material for Q2-2021.

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Stay safe and healthy – stay with the fight!