June Update / Summer Edition: BODYCOMBAT 87 Tracklist, trailers and go on!


Some of the gyms are re-opened (again) in some countries and we (as sports fanatics) are allowed to work out again inside and (Les Mills) group lessons and share and motivate our joint passion for exercise and fitness with each other, and continue Les Mills group lessons!

We wish everyone (especially to the independent gym owners and athletes) lots of sports fun!

A good, healthy lifestyle; enough exercise and good + healthy food makes you fitter and stronger – it is therefore essential.

We also hope that the sports sector will also be seen as essential by our governments / authorities.

Hopefully it will get better in the future. Together we can do this!

June Update / Summer Edition – Q2-2021

The two Les Mills Quarterly Workshops (online and live) have been held and that is why we are updating the website with new promotional material and the Tracklists and Trailers. Below is a summary of what kind of update we have performed on our fan website.

Added / Updated

  • Fastest Way Back / Back in Shape (May/June 2021 Campaign) promotional material can be found here and there on our website, such as videos and new images.
  • BODYCOMBAT Release 87 (Q2-2021) (references only) : Learn More
  • BODYCOMBAT 87 Trailer and Les Mills Trailer (Q2-2021): Watch Here

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Interim Update & August Update (Q3-2021)

  • We will update our fan website in the summer – if necessary – with new information and we will provide this with an abbreviated news item + a summary of which pages have been updated.
  • The big update, also known as the August Update will take place after the quarterly workshops for Q3-2021. The Tracklist and Trailers for Q3 will be posted online after the quarterly workshops.

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