BODY-COMBAT.NL and BODY-COMBAT.EU are “official” fansites originally created by Bas in March 2006. Both sites use official promotional material from BODYCOMBAT and Les Mills. We follow all guidelines on what we can and cannot post. Bas has a Les Mills Brand Central account for body-combat.nl and body-combat.eu provided & controlled by Les Mills Netherlands / HDD Group NL at Waalwijk.

At BODY-COMBAT.NL / BODY-COMBAT.EU, we are not going to use third party advertising. We are non-profit websites and do not make money based on the number of clicks on any part of the websites.

We present Les Mills and BODYCOMBAT in a positive manner, and try to give some background information to people who are interested. We sometimes use source material from Les Mills and when this occurs, we acknowledge this on our websites.

BODY-COMBAT.NL was started in 2006 and has grown over the years, both in terms of design and provision of more targeted information. Bas registered the .NL domain in 2008 and after being hosted on various free platforms, has now moved to a paid hosting platform. In December 2012, the .EU domain and .ORG were registered. In April 2016, the .NET domain was registered. The two domains .ORG and .NET are now forwarded to BODY-COMBAT.EU.

The website is run by BODYCOMBAT enthusiasts who have a passion for Les Mills group exercise classes and BODYCOMBAT in particular. We are in regular contact with Les Mills Netherlands if we have questions or need further information. BODY-COMBAT.EU is online and has the same format and design as BODYCOMBAT.NL. BODY-COMBAT.EU is written in English and is aimed at instructors and participants internationally.

E-mailaccounts explaination: .nl

BODY-COMBAT.EU is a part of BODY-COMBAT.NL. That’s why we are using Dutch e-mail addresses, e.g. marie-claire@body-combat.nl and bas@body-combat.nl or the general e-mail address: info@body-combat.nl – and not @body-combat.eu e-mail addresses.

Important: both websites (BODY-COMBAT.NL and BODY-COMBAT.EU) are managed by volunteers and we do our best to always respond through forums and / or via e-mail in a timely manner.

If you have further questions or would like more information about BODY-COMBAT.NL / BODY-COMBAT.EU, please contact us via our contactform on this page.


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