We’ve finally make an FAQ page for you. We hope enlighten some questions with our information about BODY-COMBAT.NL and BODY-COMBAT.EU and take your doubts away. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

I'm looking for a Les Mills Instructor. Can you help me?

As the official fan website for the Les Mills BODYCOMBAT program, we do not have any contact details of Les Mills BODYCOMBAT instructors from NLBE and we should not just do this in connection with the Privacy Act, the GDPR. We can give you a number of useful links and Facebook groups on which you can post a message for replacement instructor (s).

Just contact us and you will receive these internet links from us!

Where can I order Les Mills clothing?
You can order your favorite Les Mills clothing at www.reebok.nl.

Current status / 2020

Reebok x Les Mills: Spring / Summer 2020 collection

The new Reebok clothing line for Les Mills is now officially available on the Reebok.nl website. Complete your own Les Mills outfit. Shop now! Plus, huge discounts are now running on the website: the summer sale!

Do you comply with the new privacy law (AVG / GDPR)?
We have placed our new privacy statement on our websites (www.body-combat.nl and www.body-combat.eu) since 18 May 2018. In principle, we comply with the AVG privacy legislation.

Although we are fan websites and do not process very personal information as Les Mills Nederland does, we only process the basic data if you contact us with your e-mail message (your name, e-mail address and your browser type and device type).

You can read our privacy policy here.

How many people work on BODY-COMBAT.NL and BODY-COMBAT.EU?
three people are currently ‘active’ on BODY-COMBAT.EU. They are enthusiastic and passionate volunteers who are passionate about BODYCOMBAT. However, these volunteers are veterans of BODYCOMBAT. Both people do BODY COMBAT for a maximum of 17 years.

Bas is the owner / founder of www.body-combat.nl and www.body-combat.eu, and is also the administrator of the website. He ensures that everything remains up-to-date on safety and that everything is up-to-date and with it. He has the most contact with the BODYCOMBAT Team NLBE of Les Mills Nederland and with the head office for practical questions and only has access to the Brand Central account.

Where do the news articles come from on your website?
The news articles are based on the reporting from Les Mills Nederland and we also state this with each article as a source reference. Although the initial texts have changed somewhat in our texts, only the articles are ‘the same’. We do this so that there are no conflicts with Google and other search engines on the internet (bots).

With the Les Mills events we usually wait when this is ‘official confirmed’ by the office in the Netherlands. We don’t just put an event on our website.

We always neatly state the source with the articles and information placed.

Who maintains and manages this website?
The website is managed by enthusiastic enthusiasts who have an affinity with Les Mills and BODYCOMBAT and their partners such as Reebok and Polar have occasional contact with Les Mills Nederland when we have questions or need information. BODY-COMBAT.EU is now also online and has the same format design as BODYCOMBAT.NL. BODY-COMBAT.EU is international and focused on one language: English and aimed at international instructors and participants.

Important to know: both websites (BODY-COMBAT.NL and BODY-COMBAT.EU) are managed by volunteers and we do our best to always respond by e-mail. Our target response via e-mail is within 24 hours, up to 48 hours.

How are the fan websites funded?
This website is maintained by the owner and by the co-webmasters and is free of advertisements. We do not want to earn from and from the Les Mills and / or Les Mills BODYCOMBAT brand and there is no reason for us to implant ‘click advertisements’ into the website.

The owner makes sure everything stays online.

What is your mission with the website?

Bas has founded the official fan websites as a positive advertisement for Les Mills and Les Mills BODYCOMBAT, Reebok and Polar. We pay attention to various events such as Les Mills quarterly workshops, program and training modules and other media messages published by Les Mills Nederland website. We make the structure of the sentences different, but it does provide ‘the same’ information that Les Mills NL has published on their websites from the Media Center articles.

Our (joint) mission is to provide you with more (background) information about the program and the events. And we also want to go for a fitter planet 😉

On the internet, the track lists and promotional material are online much earlier. Why don't you do this?

Most websites put the tag as ‘SPOILER ALERT‘ – people can choose whether or not to read them.

We only put the track lists of BODYCOMBAT and other promotional material online when Les Mills Nederland also do this on their website and on social media accounts. In this way we comply with the rules in accordance with the distribution of official material.

How long has BODY-COMBAT.NL and BODY-COMBAT.EU been in existence? And are you allowed to use official promotional material?
BODY-COMBAT.NL has been around since the beginning of March 2006. Bas, the founder of BODY-COMBAT.NL, is starting a special website after 3,5 years. In February / March 2006, Bas got access to the eClub account, which is now Les Mills Brand Central to use official promotional material for the website. We are also controlled by Les Mills Netherlands.

BODY-COMBAT.EU exists since March 2016 and focuses on international visitors. It is a complete sidekick and part of BODY-COMBAT.NL.

BODY-COMBAT.NL has been running on a free hosting platform for a while, since 2008 after Bas has registered a .NL domain name on a paid hosting platform. He currently has the following domain names: www.body-combat.eu, www.body-combat.org and www.body-combat.net. The last two domain names are forwarded to www.body-combat.eu.

Since April 2016, the website has been officially labeled by the BODYCOMBAT Team NLBE / Les Mills NLBE as a first fan website on the Facebook page of BODYCOMBAT Team NLBE.

The BODY-COMBAT.NL website has been on the internet for 13.5 years. BODY-COMBAT.EU is a sidekick and has been on the internet since March 2016, so that’s three years now.

Bas has been doing BODYCOMBAT for 17 years and has unfortunately stopped Les Mills BODYPUMP after 11.5 years (who knows, he will pick it up again). Bas is a true Les Mills fan and believes in their message for a fitter and healthier planet. Read more about our websites here.