Promotional Archive

On this webpage are hosted Les Mills and BODYCOMBAT promotional movies. This is an archive.  It’s been hosted on Vimeo.

BODYCOMBAT 71 Trailer – April 2017

Les Mills full trailer – April 2017

BODYCOMBAT 70 Trailer – January 2017

Les Mills full trailer – january 2017

BODYCOMBAT Official Promotional / 2016

Les Mills Promo September 2016: New workouts out now!

BODYCOMBAT69 Promo – September 2016

Les Mills Trailer – June 2016

BODYCOMBAT 68 Trailer – june 2016


Please note: promotional movies are for promotion material only. BODY COMBAT and Les Mills Promotional movies used as provide by Les Mills Brandcentral Portal  and authorized by Les Mills International.