BODYCOMBAT 83 Tracklist, sizzlers and many more (read further)

General Due to Covid-19 virus, normal life that we know comes to a halt and it has become very different for many people and also in the sports world. Many gym clubs are closed until further notice to prevent further spread of Covid-19. Very annoying for local entrepreneurs (freelancers) in the sports industry, group instructors […]

Packed with updates for Q4 / 19 message. (Read more)

We are counting down the days of 2019, and the new year is approaching. This will be our last message from 2019. We have the most important, coolest, nicest update for you this time and therefore also the most extensive. We list the update overview: * Photo albums from Les Mills Mega Quarter 2019 by […]

Q3-2019 Update: BODYCOMBAT 81 Tracklist, trailers and more!

And there it is: Q3-2019 Update to BODY-COMBAT.NL 🤩! We did a lot of updates yesterday, you may have noticed this already, but you didn’t see this message on the homepage yet. The global website of Les Mills has already published the track list of BODYCOMBAT Release 81 on their website and that is why […]

Dutch MegaQuaterly 2019: Sign up now!

YEAH 🤩! The registrations for the legendary group fitness indoor event: Mega Quarter 2019 has finally opened, since today! Put together your own workouts and follow fantastic inspiring workshops. The Mega Quarter 2019 will again be held in Veldhoven, NH Hotel Conference. The theme is: World Of Movies. The pre-registers were able to register from […]

Be Moved in Q2-2019: BODYCOMBAT 80 Tracklist, new sizzlers and many more!

The new updates for the second quarter are finally there. The Tracklist of BODYCOMBAT Release 80 is on the official Les Mills website (global version). With this we also celebrate the 20th anniversary of BODYCOMBAT🎉. BODYCOMBAT has grown enormously with the recent releases. The intensity is higher, music has changed and improved, choreo is more […]

Soon: New updates for Q2-2019!

You can expect the Q2-2019 updates at the beginning of June 2019 on both of our fan websites. Somewhere on different site-resources has long been known by official sources for the Tracklists of every program of Les Mills. But what can you expect on June 6, 2019? Another fact is that BODYCOMBAT has been in […]

Make Your Move: Tracklist, Trailers and many more!

BODY-COMBAT.EUINT has a lot of new updates for you! On the internet you could already find information about the new Release of BODYCOMBAT, and we also have all the information on the website. Below is a summary of the updates to the website: * BODYCOMBAT 79 Tracklist * BODYCOMBAT & Les Mills Trailers * New […]

Kia Kaha, Interesting and fun news for our visitor. After having had this design format for 2 years, it is time for an improvement in design. Bas (owner and technical webmaster of and – the official fan websites) will make a new design in the summer of 2020. He sees that a number […]

We follow the current guidelines when we start publishing official sources on our website, as you are used to from us. Below you can read our timeline to update the fan websites. Timeline update at website: June 26, 2020 – BODYCOMBAT Release 84 Tracklist (09:00 AM) June 26, 2020 – Trailers: BODYCOMBAT 84 and […]